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Tiny Movers classes introduce young dancers, ages 2-3, to basic concepts of movement. Students will gain confidence and coordination as they practice gross motor skills such as hopping and skipping. Dancers will learn ballet fundamentals while reviewing colors, counting, shapes, and much more. Children will love this high energy class!


Tap classes challenge student's musicality, ankle strength, and sense of rhythm. Classes incorporate center drills, movements across the floor, and combinations. Students will gain greater understanding of timing and musicality while moving quickly and precisely.


Creative Arts classes introduce young dancers, ages 3-7, to concepts of movement in ballet, tap, and jazz. They will build technique, strength, and flexibility through creative expression.


Ballet is a technical art form that is the foundation for many other styles of dance. Combining traditional barre work, center work, and combinations, each ballet class will challenge students balance, strength, and flexibility.


Contemporary dance, for ages 8 and up, helps dancers explore movement and artistic expression. By using improvisation, traditional modern techniques, and combinations, contemporary helps dancers reach their full potential of movement quality.


We offer acrobatics for ages 4 and up. All students will improve their strength, flexibility, and coordination. Students will learn tumbling skills and partnering lifts while using dance techniques.


Jazz is a fast paced class that is based on the rhythms of Jazz music. A true American art form, Jazz dance teaches isolations of the body and helps students develop their individual style.


Hip Hop, for ages 4 and up, offers a fun and energetic outlet for students. Classes utilize combinations and isolations to teach students musicality, style, and movement.


This class provides exercises for dancers to grow their technique and strength. Combining ballet barre work, conditioning, muscle endurance, and flexibility work, this class will enhance students' training.


Pointe is a continuation of training in ballet for the advanced dancer. Dancers will increase their foot and ankle strength, body alignment, and ballet technique. Students must be recommended by a director to move from flat ballet shoes into pointe shoes. Pre-Pointe is open to all dancers registered in Ballet II -IV.


Musical Theater Dance is a class with Broadway-style dancing. Musical Theater Dance concentrates on techniques and combinations that focus on performance skills, such as facial expressions and connection to an audience using both tap and jazz dance styles.


Dance Company classes are by audition only. Company members learn choreography for competition and community performances and receive leadership training on a weekly basis.


We place students into classes based on age, ability, maturity, and their ability to meet our curriculum requirements. If you have questions about which classes are right for you, we would be happy to help!

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A part of the Oviedo community for over 30 years, Joy Performing Arts is committed to excellence in everything we do. We believe that Christ-centered training creates an atmosphere where performers can flourish while achieving their full potential. We provide an environment of encouragement and respect that helps foster friendships, develop character, and creates community minded individuals.

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