Music - Portfolio Information
Portfolio Information
Our music department promotes and rewards students building and maintaining a portfolio, and this process is a distinct part of lesson progression. A portfolio is a collection of favorite pieces similar to a musical scrapbook with the pieces being chosen and memorized by the student. We encourage portfolios as a discipline so that our musicians always possess a ready repertoire of material that is up to performance quality. This way, they are organized and prepared to share their gift of music with visiting relatives and  friends at special occasions, etc.
Teachers may help suggest pieces or may assign students the task of choosing a piece as part of their lesson assignment, but it will ultimately be up to students / parents to compile portfolios. Sheet music may simply be moved to the portfolio section when it is memorized, but if a student chooses a lesson or other book piece, parents are responsible to get them copied. Portfolio pieces are kept in a special section of the black assignment notebook. No pieces may be carried over from last season – Aug. starts each new season.
Returning students – please remove all previous portfolio pieces from your assignment notebook and begin to compile your musical scrapbook (a collection of favorite pieces (3 – 5 suggested per year) from all your years of study organized in a progressive manner beginning with your first year.) 
Once students have begun to build a portfolio, teachers will request that a student play a random piece or two from it each week. It is expected that all these pieces are practiced enough to keep them memorized, and students are able to play them well. Since portfolio pieces are favorites and those already learned and finished, it should typically take only a few times a week to keep them up to performance quality. Pieces that are not played well should not be included in the portfolio. Students who reach a total of five or more memorized pieces at playing level will receive a portfolio award during the May recital for their effort. (These pieces must remain memorized at performance quality through the month of May to qualify for the award)
Black or White Assignment Notebooks
These are to be brought to lessons each week along with books. They are intended to give a clear and measurable outlay of assignments the student can understand. Please refrain from decorating these notebooks or treating them roughly, as they are the ones often used to contain music for community concerts. Cost is $5.00
All significant awards are presented during our Season Finale Recitals in May; the awards are as follows:
  • Music Participation Award – all students in our program receive this just for being part of the Joy family
  • Portfolio Award – presented to students who have 5 or more memorized pieces in a portfolio
  • Sacred Award – presented to students who have memorized any Sacred piece
  • Patrotic Award – presented to students who have memorized a Patriotic piece
  • Happy BIrthday Award  – presented to students who have memorized ‘Happy Birthday’ (those who have already earned this award my receive it again – expand the version memorized or try for a more advanced one or better yet, produce their own peice!)
Students may have their Sacred, Patriotic and ‘Happy Birthday’ pieces as part of their portfolio if desired.
Season Finale Recital pieces  are encouraged to be memorized. Memorization is optional for Community Concert pieces.
Incentive Programs
‘Millionaire Musician’ runs from Oct. –Dec.  Students may earn points each week to trade at the prize table for toys, candy, cds, etc during the Music Party in Dec. as follows:
  • Coming to lesson                                               10,000
  • Bringing black assignment book                         10,000
  • Bring all other lesson material                            10,000
  • Listening to classical music                                10,000
  • Practicing one day                                             10,000 (multiplied by number of days practiced in the week)
  • Performing for someone                                     10,000 (different person each week / ask teacher for details)
  • Average weekly score goal                                100,000 (target practice goal is 5 days per wk)    
   Parents must sign off on assignment sheets for points to be recorded!    
Websites for musical activities / info: