What You Can Expect

So What Can You Expect from Joy Performing Arts and the Joy Team?


Joy Performing Arts has been  in Florida for 27 years. Previously in Virginia with 3

locations and in business for  35 years. The Joy Team has more than 100 years of

experience in the performing arts.


Your Joy Team of teachers will lovingly encourage, build up, and work diligently to

motivate through positive reinforcement and a mentoring relationship.


You will find that we will always be focused on the consistent, progressive developmental

training of our students beyond a season.


It is our desire to always help our parents and students see what they will be doing, and

what can be achieved past their current ability level.


We will quickly seek to understand the learning styles of every student at every age, so as to

 help each get the very most out of every class.


We will help them set goals and help them achieve their every aspiration.


Our mission as teachers is to train up generations of students who can sucessfully

navigate a professional career.  Turning out choreographers, teachers, actors, vocalist

and musicians fully prepared and  technically equipped  to have influence in the industry.

 To that end, we consider it a privilege to help every student understand their many

unique gifts and the endless possibilities of what they can achieve.


 As parents you may consistently look forward, with great anticipation and expectation,

to  year end showcase performances in Dance and Theater that will have music,

choreography, and costuming that will bless and refresh your family and friends, and a

formal Music Concert that will acknowledge your child's achievements throughout the

season with distinctive awards. You will come away with the confidence that you have

made the right choice for years to come. You will always look back with many fond

memories enriched by many precious relationships.