Joy Performing Arts has a wide variety of classes being offered for
the convenience and ease of a family to get it all in one location.
Dance:  We are currently offering classes in the arts of
Pre- Dance, Creative Arts, Dance Fusion, Ballet, Pointe,
Contemporary, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Broadway Jazz, and Acrobatics.

Music: We are currently offering classes in the arts of Piano,
Guitar, Bass, Drums and Voice.
Theater: Classes for Musical Theater will incorporate Theater
Drama, Dance, and Vocals.
Each season our Dance, Music and Theater departments will each
present a Showcase Production.
Additionally we offer many wonderful  Summer Sampler Classes
of great fun for the whole family and several really great Summer
Camps to help your student get a jump start into the arts. For
those already focused students we suggest a summer intensive to
increase their technical skills and further advance their level of