See What Students and Parents are Saying
Dear Mrs. Julia,


Thank you again to you and your dancers for performing at the ATSA conference in Orlando on November 4th. It was an honor and a privilege to work with you.


Best wishes in your future performances.

Kindest Regards,

Maia, Executive Director ATSA





Good afternoon, Miss Julia –


Just wanted to send a quick thank you after reading a posting on Cathy Roe’s Facebook account. In the message, Miss Roe shares a letter sent to her about the deplorable lyrics some schools are allowing their dancers to compete with. The letter calls out the studio directors and their choreographers who permit this to occur. In my opinion, the letter doesn’t go far enough – especially around some of the costumes that are worn and how they objectify our daughters and, ultimately, degrade them and their sense of self-worth.


I know that I’ve written this to you before, but wanted to reiterate again……so, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for providing an alternative for our girls and boys ---- one that affirms their dignity as dancers and as children of Our Most High God.


Knowing what the norms of our society are, I have no doubt that your decisions to choose appropriate music and tasteful outfits has probably cost you some students for the program. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your perspective on this matter.


In gratitude,


Robb Richardson



Hello Dear Joy Team,


My little dancers had such an amazing experience at JPA! All 4 of my daughters looked forward to the classes each week. When I would come to pick them up I enjoyed watching them dance through their class times on the closed circuit T.V. and watching their skills develop throughout the year. I loved seeing them at the beginning or end of class gather together for a little worship song for my younger daughter or prayer for my older ones giving Glory to God. The year end performance was by far the classiest show I have ever watched....and I have seen many children's recitals. The costumes were beautiful, the music tasteful and the skill level of every number made me so grateful I had been able to give our daughters this rich opportunity. Miss Julia's heartfelt words at the end of the show were a blessing and encouragement to the whole audience. If Florida was going to be our permaneant home, I would  happily see my 4 little ladies grow and develop their gifts under the care of Joy Performing Arts.


To all of The Joy Team, these words are from my heart and I pray God will continue to use all of you

for His Kingdom. :)


Love in Christ,

Carla Siemans





My now 4-year old daughter has shown an interest in dance since she was a toddler (thank you Kindermusik!).


As soon as she turned 3, we set out to find a dance class for her, which we expected to be fairly easy. Boy, were we surprised.


We tried two studios in Oviedo (and tried multiple teachers at those studios). In each instance, the teacher spent the entire time "teaching" with her back turned toward the students. She never turned around, never engaged with them, there was no eye contact, no smiling, no interaction (unless it was a correction). There was no "teaching". At one studio, I even spoke to the director about the lack of engagement. I'm not a teacher and even I know that that to teach a 3-year old anything, you have to engage them and make it fun.


A third studio in Oviedo didn't bother to return my call.


I was disappointed and discouraged, but I called Joy Performing Arts with little hope. From the moment Miss Julie answered the phone I thought "well...this is quite a different experience." We took our daughter to her first class and in less than 5 minutes, decided to enroll her. The difference was staggering. The class was fun, engaging and *gasp* the teacher made eye contact and taught actually facing the girls! My daughter had fun AND learned. The director even introduced herself and welcomed us to the studio!


I can't recommend Joy Performing Arts enough!


Melissa DeBach





My daughter, Holly, began dancing as a 3-year-old in the Munchkin Creative Arts class. We were so impressed with that first year's show -- we were hooked!

Although the dancing is always awesome (and this year's performance was super-awesome!), that is not what has kept us coming back for 8 years! We love that the girls are taught to respect their elders -- "yes, ma'am, no, ma'am." We love that there is caring conversation and prayer at the beginning or ending of each class. The girls get to know one another, as well as their teachers.

Joy Performing Arts Academy mirrors the values that we teach our children at home. The most important value we share is that we were made to glorify God. I see Holly growing into a beautiful young lady who was inspired to work hard and practice so hard this year. She showed us her routines over and over. She persevered through all the practices, dance changes, itchy false eyelashes, and the panic of her first costume change because she loves to get on stage and shine for Jesus! You taught her that over the last 5 years, and we are so grateful!

We are looking forward to another great year ahead!
Colleen Berry


My husband and I feel so completely blessed to be a part of this studio. Our son and two daughters have been here for going on 6 years now and we wouldn't have them anywhere else. Our son is a guitar student at JCAA. We love his teacher and appreciate the patience and godly example he demonstrates with our son. Our son is middle school age, he's been taking lessons for the last 5 years and has been confidently playing in a praise band for 2 years. It has been really exciting seeing him use his gift in worship and we can't wait to see how the Lord will use him as he continues to grow. We're so thankful for the music program and the teachers at JCAA.

When my daughters expressed interest in taking dance, like most people I checked around. I wasn't exactly thrilled about some of the costumes I had seen or some of the song choices I had heard. So, one day as I was looking through the phone book I found Central Florida Christian Performing Arts, (which was formerly the name of the studio before Joy Performing Arts Academy) and I thought, huh? My husband and I are Christians so that definitely caught my attention. We knew if our daughters were going to dance it would have to be at a place where there was age appropriate, non offensive music and modest costumes. When I called the studio, I was pleasantly surprised to be offered a previous recital video to take home and watch so we as a family could make a discerned decision. The show video was beautiful and the choreography truly did glorify the Lord. Since that day our family has been very actively involved at JPA. Both our daughters absolutely love dancing and both dance in the Petite Noel Company. My husband and I feel so blessed for having this studio to take our children to. We absolutely love all the teachers and are so thankful for their godly influence over our children. In class, the girls pray for one another, they learn scripture and how it applies to their lives and they're taught how they can use their gifts and talents to bring glory to the Lord through dance. We love the showcase performances at the end of the year. It's so wonderful to see the improvement of learned skills from one year to the next and the spiritual growth as well. The costumes are always beautiful and modestly cool, not racy or provocative. I'm always so excited to see the performances, but then sad when it's all over.

After this past recital my husband and I felt like this one was the best one ever (even though we say that every year) and we both agree that our girls should definitely continue at JPA. The upcoming year will be on a bigger scale as both our girls desire to be on the Petit Noel Dance Company. This will definitely put a squeeze on our finances since we have two daughters who are equally interested in all styles of dance. We've asked the Lord to guide and provide as we embark on this next year. My girls and I have been doing fundraisers over the summer and will most likely continue throughout the year. This is not just about dance. Our girls love the Lord and are learning to use their gifts and talents to give praise and worship Him. This coming year they will be improving much more in skill ability since they are doing so many more classes than in the past, doing outreach events and having even more opportunities to grow spiritually. We love JPA and we're so thankful for the blessing this studio has been to our family. We wouldn't have our children anywhere else.

Vic and Jennifer Elsey



As I recently thought back to my story of how I came to know Jesus, the dance studio, now called Joy Performing Arts, kept coming up.  The studio was just a place I came to every week until it turned over it's purpose to the glory of God.  I first learned about personal expression of prayer sitting in a circle before dance class in my pre-teen years and was encouraged to memorize Scripture before I knew the power of hiding God's word in my heart.  God was preparing my spirit to hear the Truth at a critical time in my teenage life where I easily criticized a fallen world and lacked hope to continue on in it.  The teachers at the studio don't just teach the arts to the next generation, but they model a lifestyle that is moved by Truth to sacrifice it all daily for the One who gives life abundantly.  It inspired me and still does - Joy Christian Arts is giving glory to God through the arts yes, but even more, they are giving God glory by investing in the next generation of young women and men who will shape this world.  They see the potential in each artist and see into the identity each person has in Christ.  I was lucky enough to continue to have some of the same dancers in my classes throughout middle and high school.  The "class" that graduated a few years ago from high school and the studio continues to impact the dance studio by teaching and dancing there.  But also, they continue to be transformed by God and stretch across disciplines from physical therapy to education to geography to engage those around them for Christ.  In moving across the country to Seattle, Washington, I have humbly pursued a new way of life in community with other believers who continually give their lives to Him who is worthy and to others who don't yet know Christ.  My current AmeriCorps year has placed me back in the university arena I just graduated from, but with the chance to use God's gift of service to give college students the opportunity to serve their community.  While I now rarely use my skills in dance, the way Joy pointed me to where I can seek after life and Truth ripples out in me and in the places I'm in everyday.  I believe this is how God designed Joy Performing Arts's ministry and will continue to bless the studio as it loyally seeks after Him and invests with prayer in each generation going out into the world. 

Shannon A. Smith



Dear MJ,
Just a note regarding your recital. It was the best ever!! The evening could not have been more exciting. Your costuming was fabulous. Your students were excited about dancing! The mimes were a great added touch. Congratulations on a production well done!

Dance Unique



Dearest Hearts at JPA,

 Wow! Wow! Wow! What a weekend! We want to thank God for bringing MJ and her daughter Miss Jillianne into our lives. Your Saturday showcase presentation was amazing. We encourage you in what you are doing. You are raising real young men and woman of God to use all of their gifts and talents and to Shine their light as stars for The Kingdom. You are truly making a difference in this world. We Love you.

Thank you,

Ed and Mary




Well, my comments on JPA - I especially like the teacher, Miss Julia!
I am blessed each year by the recital.  It is wonderful that there is so much more going on behind the creating of the dances.  We all know how much hard work goes into producing a flawless dance, yet it is over in a few brief minutes.  However, because JPA's vision is so much more encompassing - it isn't just about the "dance".  The relationships and building a relationship with our Heavenly Father is our desire.  And it is a joy to see the students express their worship for their Heavenly Father each recital.  I know that mentoring and encouraging new student teachers is at the heart of JPA's program as well because I was given the opportunity to teach and use my gifts here. 

Lord willing, I look forward to being a part of another recital this June - another time of praise and worship through the arts.

Alumni 1995-2001
Beth Rosamond




JPA is practically my second family. All the dancers, teachers, and staff members make every day there so enjoyable. There are so many good memories from the studio that I will never, ever forget. I love dancing there with all of my heart, and look forward to all the years ahead of me!
-Maddie Innocent



Hi MJ!  (Miss Precious Julie!),


Thank you so much for bringing your beautiful young ladies to lead us in praise and worship through their dance.  How talented they all are!  I so appreciate your heart in ministering to young girls through expressive Christian dance.  What a great ministry!


Also, you did a wonderful job speaking and introducing your girls.  It was such a great part of our Christmas show, and I pray that God will use this to bless and encourage viewers.


I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas!  You are special, and we so appreciate you and all you do.


In Christ's love,

Barbara Beck

Co-host TV45's The Good Life

Good Life Broadcasting



 I could have written a book about our “life at JPA”, but I figured you might want to hear from others besides me.“Having four daughters who desired to dance and learn to play the piano, I know finding JPA was definitely a gift from God.  It has been an incredible journey that lasted 12 wonderful years for our family!  The teachers clearly have hearts that are on fire for the Lord and hearts that are filled with joy and compassion for their students.  Not only did my girls learn to dance, they were also able to see God’s Word lived out through costumes that were beautiful yet modest, along with dancing and music that honored and glorified Our Savior.  My daughters were able to witness firsthand as prayer requests were given and answered in their classes.  They also built lasting friendships with girls they were able to dance with over the years, and they were even able to dance together as sisters!  JCAA became an “extension” of all that we were trying to instill in our girls at home as they grew into young ladies.  Two daughters even “grew up” to become teachers at JPA.  What a HUGE blessing JPA has been to our family.  They are truly living out their mission statement—building the Kingdom of God through the arts.”  

Richard and Lesley Wallace



Dear Joy Team,
I just wanted to say thank you for the blessing you all have been to me and my family. I have been praying a lot for you lately and I know God has many wonderful blessings for you in the New Year!! You are a mighty warrior for Christ. Continue to stand on the front line and worship like never before, it is then that the enemy will continually be confused. NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU SHALL PROSPER, FOR YOU ARE MORE THAN A CONQUER!!! Gal. 6:9

With love and gratitude,

Marisol and Family



My name is Sarah, I am in Faith Noel Dance Company and I have been dancing at Joy since I was 5 or 6. I have no idea where I would be in life if I hadn’t. Of course, I have grown so much as a dancer, and I am now able to do things that as a kid looked up to the older girls for doing, but the studio has helped me grow in so many other ways. The main thing is, the way that I have grown spiritually. Without the studio, I probably would not be as close to God as I am now. When I was lost in the ways of the world, my dance teacher Mrs. Julia helped me realize God’s greater plan and purpose for my life and talents, and His Love and Grace for me and that’s what I needed to see to bring me running back into His loving arms. We pray before each class, and we discuss scripture after almost every class every week and those prayers and scripture discussions help me through my troubles and relate in my heart to what I am going through at the time. 
The dance studio also gives me a way to meet other men and women following God’s lead who I can be inspired by, and grow close to. The studio is my second home; I’m there for almost the same amount of time I’m at my real home. And Mrs. Julia is like my second mother. She inspires me, helps me through tough discussions, knows my strengths and my weaknesses, and she always has faith in me. I love the Joy dance studio and all the people in it with all of my heart and without it, I have no idea what I would be doing in my life right now!  
Sarah Smith

"What a fabulous Show! We love each and every one of you and are so thankful to be a part of the Joy family. We are praying God's blessings be over you all.
Much love from the Elsey's :)" Smile

Congratulations on another great successful recital. Thank you for being such a great influence on my family over the years.

JoAnn "Mom Moose"



“I’ve known Ms. Julia for more than ten years now.  I started at her dance studio when it was called Julia’s School of Dance in the Creative Arts class when I was 6 years old. I'm thankful to have been able to witness God's will in bringing the studio farther than I ever thought to ponder. I’ve always liked dancing at the studio and as I continued to dance I continued to love dancing more and more.
Ms. Julia is a wonderful teacher, she has taught me so much since I first attended her classes. Every member of the studio has a caring heart and I enjoy the time that I spend with them. I believe that anyone who wishes to become a part of the studio will be welcomed with a warm smile an open arms.”
Sarah  A.

“I learned about Ms. Julia’s dance studio when looking for dance classes for my daughter Sara.  Sara was about 6 years old at the time.  From the very beginning, I was impressed with the studio.  Ms. Julia runs a structured environment full of love and she makes sure every child knows he or she is special.  Sara flourished in this environment.  She enjoyed dancing, but she would often tell me she liked the fellowship just as much.
After watching some of the dance recitals, I myself became intrigued about joining some of the adult classes.  In particular, I liked watching the cloggers.  Clogging is enjoyable to watch because they look like they are having so much fun!  So I joined and, indeed, I had a blast!  Miss Mary was my Clogging instructor and she taught me many fun line dances and clogging moves.  I discovered I enjoyed performing as well.  At recitals and as a mom, I got to help out backstage helping other dancers.
I have to agree with my daughter in that the fellowship with the people in the studio is very special.  We keep in touch and we pray for each other in times of need.  It is very refreshing to be surrounded and encouraged by Christians in our walk with our Lord.”
Christina A.

Dear Pat & MJ,
We would like to thank you for all you have done for this family! Your testimony, compassion, and obedience in serving the Lord and ministering to others has been an incredible blessing!!! You have touched our family countless number of times and helped bring such peace in a time where our family was in great need. May kindness return to you in the same beautiful manner in which you've given it!! May God's blessings continue to be upon you, your family and JCAA!!
We are truly grateful! Gal. 6:9
With all our love,
The Bennetts

Dear Joy Performing Arts,

My daughter, Alexis, has only been with you a short time but we feel very blessed that the Lord led us to you.  Thank you for teaching her dance in a way that glorifies our Lord.  I appreciate the professionalism from the instructors who also make it fun for her.   We look forward to the upcoming recital and many more years with JPA.


Lisa and Alexis Ingari





Dear MJ,

I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me. You have been so generous, thoughtful and caring and you have really helped me grow as a teacher and as a person. My time as part of the Joy Team of teachers has been wonderful. It has been such a privilege working at Joy Performing Arts and with all  the students there. JPA has been like a second home for so many years. I will always think of everyone at JPA as family.  

Mr. Nic ( Guitar, Drums and Piano )





Mrs. Julia,

I know for a fact I wouldn't be who I am as a dancer or in my faith without you. You have challenged me and pushed me and I couldn't thank you enough for it. I might not be dancing next year because of college, but I will definitely come and visit for a little couch time advice. I love you so much and I will surly miss you and  everyone at JPA and being a part of The Joy Noel Company. I hope I can still assist in a few dance classes. There are not enough thank you's in the world to express my gratitude for the years of mentoring. 

Love, Sarah Smith





Dear Joy Teachers,

Thank you for teaching me, guiding me, and loving me. I loved dance because you taught me to enjoy myself and have fun. I can't wait for the new season of dance to start.

Love Madalynn F.




Dear Joy Team,

Thank you for your contributions to HOPE. Without your generous support we would be unable to serve in our community the families in crises. Thank you for partnering with us throughout the year.

The HOPE Team.



Dear Miss Julia,

Thank you so much for what you do for Joy and for me individually. You're more than just a dance're a spiritual leader/mentor as well. My continuing prayer is not only to learn the art of dance, but also to learn the art of losing myself to glorify Him. I believe you and all my teachers are helping me with both these goals. I can't wait for next year.

Love, Lauren B



Dear Joy Team,

Words can not express our gratitude and thankfulness. The time you've given, the hearts you've touched, the lives you've blessed. These are true gifts of God.

Antioch Baptist Youth Dept.



Dear Joy Team,

On behalf of Parkinson Outreach Center, I want to thank you for your wonderful dance performances. We recieved a great amount of positive feedback about your dancers. Our audience loved them and every dance. Thanks for making our "Evening in Paris" memorable.

A. Mitchell



Dear Joy Team,

Thank you for  Mr. Nic's wonderful, talented instructions. We've enjoyed being a part of the Joy Family through guitar and drum lessons. We look forward to resuming our lessons in the fall.

M. Weathers



Dear Pat and MJ,

We would like to thank you for all you have done for our family! Your testimony, compassion, and obedience in serving the Lord and ministering to others has been an incredible blessing!!! You have touched our family countless number of times and helped bring such peace in a time when our family was in great need. May kindness return to you in the same beautiful manner in which you've given it!! may God's blessings continue to be upon you and JPA. We are truly grateful! Gal.6:9

With all our love,

The Bennetts